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KIST Information Technology Facilities

Computer infrastructure is among the most modern state of art for the institution. Its intention is to keep the institution at the fore front of technology application in education management. Thus this implies constantly innovating, evolving as well as adapting to the changing realities. Therefore, a broad approach has been taken just not involving the computer lab in the facility but the infrastructure back up in the administration, library,
classrooms, and hostels. Faculty staff and students play a crucial role in identifying needs, embracing new technology and using application in creative ways. We harness the role of technology as a critical enabler in all our operation and hence the entire campus has a switch based local area network fully Wi-Fi enabled. The entire campus isĀ  fully networked which will keep students connected with the rest of the world around the
This will further facilitate the interaction with the international Christian universities such as Anderson University, Azusa University, Warner Pacific University, Fitzler Bible College, Mid America University and Africa International University. In addition the link to the internet will provide general online resources as well as virtual community space.

The college has in place an eLearning Portal and a Library Management System that will increase the interaction between the various full time as well as part time students spread across the campuses. The college also has an audio studio, which impacts
students with knowledge in broadcasting, recording and communication.